——————————— The Three Dogs ———————————

It is a megalithic alignment of three main menhirs roughly aligned with the east-west direction. The two large menhirs in a siliceous pudding, oriental and central vaguely resemble the silhouette of a dog sitting. Between them, a block dug up and displaced beyond the ground of 25 centimetres is inserted between them. Between the western and central menhir is a flat block of 1.50 by 1.10 meters, exceeding the ground by 0.15 centimetres. The height of the three menhirs is respectively 2.50 meters for the East menhir, 1.80 meters for the central menhir and 1.50 meters for the West menhir. The menhir is 2.40 meters wide, the central 2.60 meters and the west 0.75 meters. Their thickness is 1.10 meters, 0.85 and 0.70 meters.