——————————— Of the Rock ———————————

The menhir de la Roche (Of the Rock) is located southeast of the town of Gorron, on private land, at the edge of a tributary stream of the Colmont, the place called Pre Neuf sous Vallons. The meadow in which it is found is frequently occupied by cattle, probably explaining the legend around this megalith.

The menhir is made of granite and measures 4, 50 meters in height. It seems representative of the numerous Neolithic monuments along the valley of Colmont1, like the covered alley of Petit Vieux Sou, located in the neighbouring commune of Brécé.

This menhir dates from the Neolithic period, about 4,000 BC, proof that human beings already occupied the valley of Colmont at that time.

It is classified as a historical monument since March 15, 19782.

The name comes from the village next to the menhir, named village of La Roche, after a postcard of the early twentieth century.

The local tradition tells us that on Christmas night, at the twelve strokes of midnight, the stone turns twelve times on itself, while the cows kneel.