——————————— Moon Stone ———————————

From Javorník to Zuklín, first we pass the stone block at the crossroads and after 300 m we turn to the forest path, after which we reach the menhir after about 200 m.

The menhir has an information board. The local government has set up small information boards in the village of Javornik where the routes to the menhir are drawn.

Its shape is not classical; the ground plan is rectangular, even the square is approaching. The top is not round or pointed but is formed by a sharp edge along its length. The two sides are vertical, the other two are cylindrical surfaces with the same curvature intersecting at the top edge. The height is about 1.8 meters

The graphical writing of his dating status and recovery was not found. Given that similar buildings in the area are also 10’000 years old, one can also think about this time. The discoverer of the moonstone is Ing. Pavel Kozák in the book “Mysterious Places from Blaník to Sušice”