——————————— Meini Hirion ———————————

Menhir, Meini Hiron, Standing Stone.

Said to be the remainder of a stone circle. They are located in a field west of the A496, and east of the River Artro (Welsh Afon Artro) northwest of the church of Llanbedr and north of the village, at Harlech in Gwynedd in Wales. Meini Hirion Welsh for “Long Stones” – is also one of the names of the stone circle Druid’s Circle.

The slender stones stand next to an oak and are surrounded by an iron grid. They are about 3.0 and 2.1 m high and oriented north-south. Earlier reports speak of a third approximately 1.0 m high stone. But there is no archaeological evidence that they are the remains of a stone circle.