——————————— Mankmoos 1 bei Warin ———————————

The north-south oriented Hünenbett is about 16 m long and 5 m wide. Of the former 30 curbs are still 17 available. There are wedge holes on the curbs, used to split them.
From the chamber, only a support and a capstone are obtained. On the capstone are 52 to 4 cm deep bowls, which were probably deepened in the Bronze Age.
The plant was excavated in 1966 by Ewald Schuldt and restored. No discoveries were made.
The shards found during the excavation prove that the complex was probably destroyed in the 13th or 14th century.

In a forest south of the road Warin – Qualitz are several stones and burial mounds.
Coming from Mankmoos, a path branches off to the right after about 500 m into the forest. There you can park the car.

Follow the path for about 250 m until you see a sign on the property. It is then left in the forest, 50 meters from the path.