——————————— Lütow bei Zinnowitz ———————————

This grave is the last reasonably preserved megalithic grave on the island of Usedom.

After having blown up two large stone tombs at Lütow as early as 1907, investigations were carried out on the Stone Age site in 1936. The excavations yielded numerous finds, including more than 20 ceramic vessels, 11 flint axes, 10 flint chisels, 110 flint blades and amber jewellery. Those are now in the State Museum Szczecin.
Remaining is the incomplete Hünenbett and few supporting stones of the burial chamber. Cover stones are completely missing.

About 500 meters after entering Lütow, the old Kirchsteig branches off to the left to Netzelkow. Here is also a small sign on the location. Follow this path for 250 meters and then reach the tomb, which is on the left of the trail under a 350-year-old oak.