——————————— Holey Stone ———————————

Called Hoyerstein or Löchrige Stein in German, to note is the similar wording of the English “Holey”, German “Hoyer”, both meaning “löchrig”, hence, “holey”.

Around the Menhir rank some legends, which where counted, among others, by the Brothers Grimm, in which there was a thunderstorm before the Battle of Welfesholz and that the stone, therefore, had become very soft. Count Hoyer could therefore reach into the stone with his hand and vowed, as true as he could reach into the stone, so he would have to win the upcoming battle.

In connection with the belief that thunderstorms would soften stones, the uses of the menhir as a “nail stone” came up. Nails could supposedly be hammered into stones only during thunderstorms. Waldtraut Schrickel was still able to detect nails drilled on all sides of the menhir in the 1950s. Meanwhile, these have been completely removed.