——————————— Hirtenwiese Roßdorf ———————————

In 1967, this menhir system was discovered with at least 14 stones (which is probably the remains of a stone circle), to the left and right of the Ruthsenbach. Originally, the creek flowed through the meadow but was then relocated in today’s time.
Of the seven stones still present today, most were in the stream, one was blown up in 1951 by a farmer and the fragments thrown into a nearby bomb crater. There they were later salvaged and brought to the museum, together with seven smaller stones, by the Association for Local History Ober-Ramstadt
Curiously enough it’s written on the info board that the location is in a natural reserve (Scheftheimer meadows near Darmstadt), thus, the visit of this plant is officially prohibited because it is out of the pathway.

You go from the parking lot at the station “Bessunger Forst” north over the railway tracks and under the B 26. After about 850 meters turn right into the Heuweg and follow this about 500 meters. At the end of the shepherd meadow, the information board can be seen at the edge of the forest. There are the remains of the plant.