——————————— Gochang ———————————

Gochang has the densest accumulation of dolmens in the world.

Over 2000 dolmens have been found in 85 different locations in groups in the county. Of these, 442, located along a 1.7 km stretch on the southern slope of a hilly area north of the village of Maesan, have been included in the World Heritage.

They are grouped into 10 clusters of 20 to 60 dolmens, which are located in two areas. Their sizes vary between 10 and 200 tons in weight. Most of the dolmens in this area belong to the so-called “checkerboard” type (chessboard). Although no tomb graves were found, it is believed that the stones were used for burials in places around 400-500 BC. Were used. 23 quarries were found on the slopes above the dolmen.