——————————— Ganghwa ———————————

On Ganghwa Island, there are 127 Table and Go-Board dolmens, divided into five collections at five different locations at the northern foot of Mount Goryeo, at altitudes ranging from 100 meters to 200 meters above sea level. 66 of them are in good shape.

Korea’s largest dolmen stands in the village of Bugeun-ri in the middle of a field that is used for agriculture. Two 2.45 m high support stones hold a 6.4 long and 5.23 m wide capstone, whose thickness is 1.12 m. The weight of the capstone should be around 50 tons. Even this dolmen, which was or could not be destroyed over the millennia, was found without a grave. It is believed that this dolmen was either a monument to the then resident prehistoric people or served as an altar for ritual acts