——————————— Chaplain Stone ———————————

The stone is halfway between Hettstedt and Gerbstedt, directly on the road 158, about 1100 m east of the intersection with the highway 72 to Welfesholz and Sandersleben (Anhalt). Originally he was in the middle of the field. While moving the stone, a skeleton was discovered.

The menhir consists of brown coal quartzite of whitish gray color. Its height is 145 cm, the width 55 cm and the depth 50 cm. He is columnar and tapers upwards. The back has a chipping. Furthermore, the menhir has several holes in the upper area, in which maybe nails were struck.

Finds from the environment of the stone include ceramics, of the Rössen culture, string ceramics culture, the Iron Age and the Middle Ages.

According to a legend, two girls with sickles are said to have beheaded one another on this stone.