——————————— Beenalaght ———————————

Beenalaght (An Seisear in Irish, meaning The Six) is an alignment of six standing stones located on a flat pasture in Reanthesure, 0.5km west of the village of Bweeng, County Cork, Ireland. It is 13.6km (8.5 miles) south-west of Mallow, on a hill to the west of the Mallow-Coachford Road.

Beenalaght is a thirty six foot alignment of six standing stones, one of which has fallen. Measuring between 6 and 9ft, the two largest stones are placed at each extremity, with the shortest in the middle. Five stones from 1.8m to 3m in height are standing, while a sixth is lying on its side. The monuments are thought to have originated during the Bronze Age to mark a ritualistic site.