Nomadic society, or “Less is More”, August 4, 2018 4:13 AM, Beda Schmid

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About Nomadism

I speculate, we should enrich our idea of society with the idea of nomadism.

Living in cities is one of the biggest and brightest problems in the world nowadays.
A nomadic humanity is incapable of destroying the world as we “city people” do right now

Nomadism solves the problem of overpopulation (if there is any problem with that).
No, this is not a NeoNazi Blog where we preach population issues.
Overpopulation here means, masses of humans, in one place, totally incapable of keeping themselves alive in the place and with the place they live in.

Nomadism removes war, constant-growth and garbage-producing societies by itself, because a nomadic society is unable to build the structures allowing people to live longer than naturally possible. Nomads are unable to build the systems and infrastructure needed to run a War at large distance and time.

The “Use and Throw” (garbage) culture is a classic effect of modern consumerism (due to falsely assume abundance) and capitalistic oriented (and static) individuals, not nomads.

Often, nomadism is seen as a return to the StoneAge, all shepherds and savanna right?
As we know, humans have lived for a long time in their history as nomads, in small (anarchistic) “tribes”.

Nomads cannot store a lot of things in safe city walls, they need to travel light 🙂
Nomads carry what they own, and own what they can carry. They go where the food goes, they don’t make the food come to where they are.

Excessive cultivation of the soil by capitalistic and globalistic oriented agriculture, and the abundance of hoarded food, allows the sedentary to survive over inhospitable times and locations. However, it destroys the environment, it sucks it’s energy out until it’s gone. Nomadism instead leaves the system to re-build and does not over-use it at once.

The lack of stable, save long-term food supplies in a nomadic world diminishes the ability to run wars.
War is as a pro-profit action requiring a “base and supply” of food and killing tools. Nomads cannot have that, it requires settlements.

Even the most basic “interest” in a “war for profit” dissolves by itself in a nomadic society – because there is no value to be hollowed out by the opponent, except people.
A nomad does not have a richness to be stolen, no land to be taken.
Enslaving those people is no option either:
A nomad would not have the stocks to feed those slaves.

The nomad is better off if he does not steal and enslave. By nature, by intuition, there is no written rule required – it’s natural and rational.

The order of a society in Nomadism is strongly tied to the laws that govern life on earth, not human laws.